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Posts for June 12th 2011

June 12, 2011

MK&A: CFDA Behind The Scenes

June 12, 2011

Michelle Obama Goes Gap For Only $29.99!

Life, liberty and fashion for all! This dress is available at Gap.com for only $29.99!


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June 12, 2011

What Exactly is Vintage Clothing?

Have you ever wished for an outfit that captured the glamour of 1940s Hollywood? Coveted a black leather jacket that James Dean would have been proud to wear? Or wanted to relive the roaring twenties? Consider shopping at vintage clothing stores. While much of the clothing found in vintage stores is basic attire from recent decades, there are treasures to be found. While styles change, they generally resurface so watch for items that are coming back into vogue. Or, use vintage clothing to create a unique style; in vintage clothing you will not look like everyone else at the party. Vintage clothing can make a statement about individuality, about glamour or even about recycling. Imagine if everyone recycled clothing instead of buying each new trend.

Classic designs in quality fabrics last for a long time, so many items that have been worn before have a future with a new owner. Many women who can afford designer dresses do not wear them more than a few times. So, a dress that has found its way to a vintage or used clothing store is often in near new condition. And, a used designer gown is usually of a superior cut and make than any inexpensive off the rack dress. Your dream party dress may be hanging on the rack waiting to live again.

For more modern day used clothing finds, consider shopping at consignment stores. In these stores items in good condition are sold, with a portion of the sale going to the original owner. People who resell for consignment often take very good care of their clothing so they can get the best price in the resale market. Jewelry is another thing to look for at consignment stores.

In cities such as Los Angeles and New York shop the stores where the studios clear all of their costumes. Many of the items used by television shows and on movie sets are either barely worn, or brand new. Often, costume designers keep extras of pieces in case a spare is needed or a mishap befalls a clothing item. So, you might be able to pick up the designer jacket identical to one your idol wore in her last blockbuster for mere pennies on the dollar.

June 12, 2011

Dakota Fanning Is Marc Jacob's Prodigy...Again!

Dakota Fanning landed herself (again) a modeling gig for Marc Jacobs' newest fragrance, Oh, Lola. Sweet, yet seductive. Love it! Love her! Love Marc! My favorite fragrance, Daisy, is amazing, so I'm excited to try a new scent.

June 12, 2011

Dylan Lauren Ties The Knot...and daddy made the dress!

Dylan Lauren, daughter of famed designer Ralph Lauren and founder of the New York City staple Dylan's Candy Bar, married longtime boyfriend Paul Arrouet Saturday at her parent's estate in Bedford, New York.

In an not surprising twist on the wedding, Dylan Lauren walked down the aisle in a dress designed by - who else? - her father. If only every woman was as lucky to have a fabulous and tasteful designer as Ralph Lauren to custom design a wedding dress for them!


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