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April 19, 2011

"William & Kate" Movie Was So Bad It Was Great

Ok. Seriously, my DVR was all lined up, Blackberry put aside for me to curl up on my leather couch with a bowl of popcorn to watch Lifetime's "William & Kate" movie premiere. Ten minutes into the movie, I realized that the tissues I thought I'd need were going to be tears of laughter than of romance.

The actors in the movie were pretty similiar in appearances to the real-life people they were portraying, though Prince Harry came across as angry, evil and just plain weird. We got to see the famous sheer-dress, though the movie's version was boring compared to the original, and Kate's wardrobe was the result of a bad wardrobe budget. Never attempt to re-create couture and real labels on a budget. Some of the movie was so cheesy and so unrealistic. I sincerely doubt that Prince William would ever sing to Kate to woo her, and I highly doubt that the conversation between William and his father, Prince Charles, was accurate. Their conversation of how Princess Diana chose the public life seemed a little sad, and I highly doubt there is any concrete evidence of dialogue that the writers chose to use. The entire movie was was so slow and dragged out that by the time that the finale/engagement was shown, I was more dumbfounded by the bad computer-imaging of a safari background than by William proposing to Kate. Did anybody else laugh at how bad the acting was between Kate and her mother? Or that the "St. Andrews" college looked more community than ivy league (folding chairs and tables? paper decorations?). This movie was casted, directed, and launched way too fast. I'd rather see this in two years to see a wedding scene. Ugh. I was so angry that I wasted my time watching such a horrible movie, but at the same time, I was fascinated and easily amused at how bad it was. The only upside of the entire two hours was the actor playing William, Nico Evers Swindell. He was nice to watch, and seriously much better looking than the real Prince of Wales.

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