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August 04, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Movies Of All Time: What Are Yours??

1. The Wizard of Oz: This movie will always be my forever favorite. I am a huge Judy Garland fan and I can watch this movie over and over and never get tired of it. I can sit and quote the entire movie, which drives my family crazy, and seriously, those ruby slippers are the world's greatest shoes. The music makes me smile and honestly, there is no place like home. I am forever searching for quirkly Wizard of Oz memorabilia, and Hallmark just debuted a huge collection of items for your home, including wine bottle tags, a flying monkey cheese plate, and broomstick tea stirrers. My doggy, Toto, is named after the famous little terrier and the Wicked Witch of the West is seriously the greatest villain of any movie, in my eyes. I was able to meet a real "munchkin" when my high school put on this play, and the actor who played the Coroner, said that all they did was drink all night and laugh all day. When I saw a pair of the real ruby slippers at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. I cried. It was the closest thing to ever being in Oz.

2. Singing In The Rain: I remember having Saturday movie nights with my family growing up and always choosing this VHS. As much as I adore Gene Kelly and the iconic scene where he splashes and taps his way through the rain, I think the reason why I am obsessed with this movie is due to Donald O' Connor's song, "Make 'Em Laugh". That song puts me in such a good mood and there are so many good songs, including "Good Mornin", which I sing to my son when he wakes up in the morning. It's one of those movies that I love to watch with my mom and quote Lena Lamont throughout the entire film.

3. The Little Mermaid: My first Disney movie in the movie theatre. Also my first movie in any theatre. I remember sitting in the movie theatre seat next to my mom, and her having me hold her big purse so that the extra weight would keep my seat down. I have so many memories of being in the pool with my sister pretending to be The Little Mermaid. I was always Ariel and she was always Flounder, and I'd pretend to swim with my "fin", and find buried gadgets and gizmos on the bottom of the pool. I begged for a pull-string Ariel doll, which I got for Christmas, and I was always jealous of her insanely amazing red hair and purple shells. This might be the reason why I asked for a purple sports bra when I was 8. Hmm....the girl got to live in the water, wear great clothes on land (hello!? blue sparkle dress anybody??) and she got her Prince. She had the best of both worlds and her persistance for love makes her a heroine.

4. Newsies: "Headlines Don't Sell Papes, Newsies Sell Papes!". If only the singing and dancing Christian Bale could have seen his future. The best Batman to date starred in this early 1920's era musical movie about the famous newspaper strike in NYC. The musical score is fantastic and the fact that people either love it or have never seen it makes me giddy when telling people that they need to rent this. It bombed at the box office and the first time I watched this was on a Saturday morning, that played randomly like they used to run kid movies after cartoons. I was hooked by the first song. My sister and I can sing every word for word and we still watch it constantly. This movie definitely influenced my choices on my son's wardrobe unfortunately. Those newsboy caps get me every time.

5. Funny Girl: the music, the romance, the determination of the famous Fanny Brice, and of course, Barbra Streisand. I am too obsessed with this movie for my own good. Whenever Glee stars perform the songs from this movie, I feel like someone outside in the world, is reading my mind.

6. My Best Friend's Wedding: Love Julia Roberts. I tried getting my entire wedding reception room of people to join in and sing along to "I Say A Little Prayer For You", and got about 7 people to do it. That was enough. It's a classic, funny, and again, one of those movies that I can watch over and over again.

7. Meet Me In St. Louis: another Judy Garland film, but one of the greatest movie musicals ever. When growing up, all we girls wanted was to always fall in love with the boy next door. Ester Smith made that look so easy. The great music, family values, and of course, little Margaret O'Brien (who shared my name!) make this one of those holiday movies you can never say no to. Judy Garland's striped tennis dress was an inspiration for a fashion course project I had to do in college and when I explained my influence, my teacher (who was in her 70's) started to sing one of the songs. I have many good memories of my grandpa watching this movie with my family and it was one he always enjoyed.

8. The Sound of Music: no musical and Broadway obsessed girl wouldn't have this on their movie list. I can't count how many times I have spun in my living room, imagined myself wearing leaf-printed drape skirts and wished I had a whistle call to call me downstairs for dinner. It's a timeless love story and a beautiful movie.

9. Father of the Bride: Every little girl want's the perfect wedding. This movie's wedding, from the church to the reception, was exactly how I wanted my perfect wedding. I am in love with even the Bank's home, from the brick pathways to the creamy, light colored kitchen. Steve Martin is brilliant in the film, and even Father of the Bride part 2 is one of the best. This movie showed the emotions of a parent when their child is getting married, and it makes me look at my son a little differently. Plus everyone needs a Frank in their life to help plan an event.

10. The Bad Seed: "What would you give me for a basket of kisses?" "I'd give you a basket of hugs!". This cult classic old movie is part drama, part macabe, and oh so good! The vicious little murderer who at 8 years old is always plotting her next victim's death is so weird and so addicting that you will be telling people to go find this on Amazon to buy. The ending is a shocker, and it's one that you should never ever spoil for someone. My mom and I can't get enough of this movie and it's so horribly great! It's based on a play and the stage version is different from the movie. The movie I feel does the play justice, but if you can ever go to your local theatre and see this play, I would jump at the chance.

Other favorites: The Greatest Show on Earth, My Six Loves, The Trouble with Angels, The Singing Nun, Clueless, Practical Magic and It's A Wonderful Life.

What are you favorite movies??

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"Gone With The Wind" is mt favorite movie of all time. I never get tired of it, and can watch it all the way through (and it's a long one). In it's videotape version, it took two tapes. I love Scarlett, and Rhett was so dashing. My Great Grandfather was named Rhett. I was born in Georgia, and my family did in fact have a plantation, though I never "saw" it, my imagination made up what I thought it could have been, and one of the characters in the book I wrote about it, was named Moses (my Dad referred to him as 'Little Mose') he's in my book...it's yet to be published, but when it is, I hope people will have 'visions' of "Royal Pines" Plantation...the way I have always had fondness for Tara and "Gone With The Wind".

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^^^Somebody beat me to it! Gone With the Wind is also my all-time fave. I never get sick of it and know it by heart. It is everything a movie should be. It pulls you in and engulfs you.

Runner-Up: The Empire Strikes Back (just about as perfect a movie, a sequel at that, as can be)

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Some other runner-up's for me: The Parent Trap (new and old), Hocus Pocus & The Sword in the Stone. Love them!

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Mine favorite movies are

Final Destination 5
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

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